This improvisation is on one of our cajons and a classical guitar. 

                        Acoustic guitar on this recording was performed by Steve Ignelzi.

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The cajons were recorded using one Rode microphone and the equalization was flat. For best sound quality, please use external speakers or good headphones. Enjoy.

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Small Cajon

This is a standard sized cajon measuring approx. 18" by 14" by 12". It's sound is well rounded and size makes it easy to transport

Price: $150.00


Medium Cajon

This is a medium sized cajon measuring approx. 18" by 17" by 12". This cajon is great for those who want a solid bottom end without having the extra depth of the Bajo style.

Price: $175.00

Bajo CajonBajo Cajon

This is a large or "Bajo" style cajon measuring approx. 18" by 17" by 16". This cajon has a great bottom end as well as clean highs.

Price: $195.00

slapcornercajonSlap Cajon

This sound is from a standard size cajon. This cajon has a lose front at the upper edges to give a crisper "slap" sound when the edges are hit. It can be made in any of the sizes above.

Please contact us for prices.

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