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Welcome to SpiritWave Rhythms and SonoAlchemy!

Thank you for visiting SpiritWave Rhythms and SacredSoundScapes, home of Sacred Sound Earth Gong and Gong Baths. Working as a SonoAlchemist, Vibrational Activator and Sound Sculptor, I use the Paiste Earth Gong along with other sacred sound instruments such as tingshas and Himalayan bowls to create a soundscape on these amazing percussion instruments while allowing the listeners/participants to bathe in a glorious range of vibrational frequencies. These sessions are also known as Gong Baths.  You are immersed  into the vibrations and resonance of these incredible instruments allowing the sound to “ wash” over you. These sessions can have a profound effect on many levels of your being and consciousness including the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional as well as facilitating the potential for reaching  Theta and Delta states from our waking Beta state. Due to the broad spectrum of frequencies created by these instruments and the resonance created through them, not only are you able to hear sounds through your ears, you are also able to sense through your skin and skeletal system. This may even affect your being on a cellular level.

Combining my skills as a sound sculptor, composer, consciousness engineer, and musician, I move into a space of creating an environment of soothing healing sounds.

I welcome you on this journey and thank you for your support.


Gregg Wilkins

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Please check out the Music and Video section for an amazing video of a participant’s  brain during a Gong Bath

People have been asking 

“What is a Gong Bath/Gong Meditation?”

Please click the recording below for my interpretation.

Thank you

 A photo of Tom Wassinger and myself at 

The TANK Center for Sonic Arts in Rangely, CO.

IMG 5179 - Version 2

What an incredible experience to be able to record in there and have Tom engineering.

My heartfelt gratitude to Tom and all the people keeping this Center alive!

Stay tuned for a possible new download recorded there. AMAZING.

"Earth Eclipsing with the Tiger’s Eye 


The newest CD and download! I had an amazing time doing this one with production and engineering help from Daniel Iyere and Rich G.
It was recorded back in August 2017 when we had the major eclipse here in North America and I feel a lot of that energy comes through.
It is also is for a dear friend of over 20 years that transitioned in August.  
Tristan LeMaster did the artwork and I feel he did an amazing job. All things put together, I am really excited about this release.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

The "With Gratitude" performance at

 the StarHouse from 12/27/15 is available 

on digital download or USB thumbdrive .

This is a great live recording!

A 90 minute performance.

The  CD, Future Ancestors is  available!

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Click here to request your copy

Check out the Music and Video section for reviews

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